Multi-talented 28-year-old artist Jason Valentine is an all-rounder who never shies away from any challenge when it comes to music.

His influences come from artists such as Kanye West and Kid Cudi, who inspire his music’s hip hop style, but also Sia and Bjork, who inspire him to marry it to soothing and sensitive pop veins and a distinctive lyricism that conveys a deep meaning in as few words as possible.

From the production of the records, to the writing of the lyrics and songs, to the direction of the videos, Valentine proves to be an undoubtedly versatile artist.

Jason Valentine

Being very creative since an early age, he started living the world of music by joining the school choir, an experience through which he discovered that, outside of videos, games and drawings, music was his true creative outlet.

Since then Valentine has built his own creative path, through which he developed his poetry by way of rap songs, carving his own sound.

Jason Valentine recently released the single “LVL”, a piece in which he showcases the most advanced version of what his creative vision is, characterized by a flow rap colored by alternative hip-hop roots, which develops mellifluously on an enthralling beat.

Listen now to “LVL“, the latest single from Jason Valentine,
available on Spotify [ here ].

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