Jason Penna is a multi-faceted rock musician from Brisbane, Australia, who already boasts dozens of releases, including the recent album “Long Hard Road“, and over thirty thousand monthly listeners only on Spotify.

Now Penna is ready to face 2020, during which he will certainly show off his maximum artistic expression. His is a coherent and solid creative perspective, made of good music and built on a strong musical delivery that lets you feel the passion, dedication and emotional transport that Jason puts in all his productions.

From the richness of the sum of these values comes the exquisitely rock energy with which Jason Penna signs his works. His latest release, the single “Fire and Ice“, certainly does not go unnoticed among his other works. This is a number of vibrant and enveloping intensity where Penna highlights the timbre of his captivating voice. From the structure of the song to the sound paste, everything feels like a sort of manifesto where Jason tells us: here I am, this is me.

With “Fire and IceJason Penna reaches a formidable milestone that is both a goal and a promising starting point. Needless to say, we can’t wait to find out what this talented artist will create in the future.

Listen now to “Fire and Ice“, the latest single from Jason Penna which is available on Spotify [ here ] and Youtube [ here ].

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Jason Penna // "Fire and Ice" - single artwork
Jason Penna // "Fire and Ice" - single artwork