Completely a cappella, with big vocals and great harmonies, accompanied exclusively by a beat punctuated by a “single order” made only of foot stomps and hand claps, that of ‘Simple Life’ it’s a tremendously contagious pace.

This, like monolithic pillars stacked on top of each other, fortifies at each stroke the foundations for a catchy melody, growing up at every stage.

Building a sequence of bridges pointing directly to the most radiant sun you’ve ever seen, the lead vocals is a real driving force, truly capable of uplifting your spirit far beyond the clouds, whatever the burden that grips you down might be.

A little big precious gem in which Jamie sings about his love for the country way of life, as he is getting his hearth far away from the big city, the first impression you’ll probably get while listening to ‘Simple Life’ is that you’re hearing a full gospel choir.

Instead, all vocal lines were recorded entirely by Jamie, moving effortlessly between vibratos that are passionate but never exaggerated, and exemplary portatos, which further fuel the transport of the entire song.

Jamie’s own backing vocals give further depth and organicity to an impeccable production, not only in the composition but also in the completeness of a truly dense mix & mastering, despite the few elements apparently present in the sound spectrum.

Icing on the cake, the track is also accompanied by a video, available on the Jamie Lindsay’s YouTube channel.

Truly as enjoyable as the song, the video features Jamie acting in multiple roles, from vocalists to sound engineer, up to a uninterested manager, who is initially aloof, as he is completely taken with his business phone calls, but who in the end will be infected, too, by the irresistible contagiousness of ‘Simple Life’.

Overall, with ‘Simple Life’ Jamie showcases an artistic and technical touch for which many would be willing to sell their soul, even to the most sinister of devils, but which he flaunts with “nonchalance”, combining it with the simplicity inherent in the relatability of the theme of the song, built on a complex construction that is an exquisite parallelism to life’s intricacy.

In the humble opinion of the ears of the person who’s penned almost 800 featuring in just under a year on this blog, we are not afraid to seal this with: chapeau, for an impeccably perfect release.

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.: Nova Music blog // August 2020