Displaying all his talent and expressiveness, the Jacksonville, FL artist Jacques recently released his latest single ‘Love Isn’t Good Enough’, a sophisticated, passionate and high-level soul R&B number.

Immersed in a fluid, refined, and smooth listening atmosphere, the song shines for the expressive range that Jacques carries on with virtuosity and pressing transport, while singing about how love doesn’t always save you.

Thanks to his vocal mastery, Jacques’ expressive openness, intense and wide, is filled with a sense of yearning and romanticism, creating a perfect parallelism with the theme of the song itself.

The transversal and organic touch of warm sensuality and refined sophistication that permeates the track provides the right glue between arrangement and vocal performance, making the listeners travel along Jacques’ register as he skillfully and amiably moves between bass and falsetto, while the perfectly balanced mix aims to preserve even the smallest nuance of each breath.

‘Love Isn’t Good Enough’ is clearly based on the canonical old-school roots of R&B and soul, made brilliant by a more contemporary urban touch. With this song Jacques gives us a formidable, indelible example of his artistic caliber, stepping far away from the apathetic buzz of disposable music thanks to a production of enviable quality.

One of the tracks that best represents the elements of contemporary R&B.

Jacques // Love Isn’t Good Enough
Jacques // Love Isn’t Good Enough

Listen now to ‘Love Isn’t Good Enough’, the latest single from Jacques’, available on your favorite digital platforms.