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Following the exciting wake of the previous single Find Your Way, which we covered not long ago right here, Loor’s new work slips into a decidedly more internal sphere

A “reduction” that constitutes a coherent parallel with the artist’s path, which now sees the singer, songwriter, guitarist, and keyboardist wearing with adamant emotionality the producer crown

A NEW ARCADE – Wrapped in a Bedroom Pop hood, I Broke My Heart is the new Passepartout to discover and enter the different room, or rather the dimension, of this alluring artist.

What we can venture into is a more intimate vallum, in which Synth and Commercial veins feed the one thing that rises by autonomous instinct to assume the role of the soundtrack for Jacqueline Loor, for her history, for her path, as a woman, as an artist.

In this new release, there is dense nectar: a gall imbued with an unconventional beauty, precious as that which distinguishes Jacqueline’s own livery. It is a “sad” distillate, magnetic, and sticky to the point that you can no longer separate from it as soon as you approach it or touch it.

Far from being a quirk of style, nor a mere filler, even the artwork of I Broke My Heart is an indispensable corollary to all this emotional sensitivity. Extrapolated from the visual of Loor’s previous work, Don’t You Pretend, it is proof of how this artist can grasp backward the most introspective folds of her past and her path. Then projecting them under a new light, towards a new horizon, she brings them back to the most evolved and more intimate reflections.

It is clear that even this au courant gemmed song strikes more than a chord with Jacqueline Loor. We can hear the emotion in her voice as she passionately delivers the vocals, struggling in a piece full of longing and grief.

The lyrics capture the most painful kind of love: one that is almost right but not quite fitting.

How many times have I heard before
I should've loved myself just a little more
Sometimes it’s too hard
To see who you are
And maybe if I try I can find the reasons
Why it all went wrong & fell to pieces

Being in a relationship like this is like trying to fit a square into a circle. It’s never going to work, but you want it to, so you will keep pushing until you have nothing but an ounce of energy left.

Clearly, as she sings “How many times do I find myself here? My heart on the floor and their love disappears,” anyone who has ever been in a complicated relationship, where the feelings are not mutual, will find a connection with the reasons of I Broke My Heart.

But moving forward, Jacqueline opens the shell that contains the pristine, sheer, and bleeding heart of the piece, condensing everything into just two lines:

I’m so scared to do this alone
But maybe I’m stronger than I know

Throbbing under Loor’s achingly vocals, this rich Cinematic vibe functions as her unhackneyed cognitive manifesto: an implicit explicator of the new cardinal step that now sees Jacqueline committed to also covering the role of producer of herself.

It’s a music-artist para-conceptual overlap. A bell of unconscious longevity and farsightedness, full of that charm, sensitivity, and magnetism that identify and distinguish the livery of Jacqueline Loor and her music.

Here is served a palette of unconventional beauty, made up of engaging and unpredictable fragrances, which comes by the music and the name of Jacqueline Loor.

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