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Mixed by Josh Trinnaman and mastered by Slade Templeton of Influx Studio, the latest penned by singer-songwriter Jacko Hooper could be the work that includes his best inks:
warm tones, sincere lyrical style, and humble poeticisms
the fragrant nuances that have allowed him to continue to impress critics and fans alike
Jacko Hooper // This Was The Earth - single cover artwork
Jacko Hooper // This Was The Earth

Like a warm ray of light shining on an otherwise cloudy afternoon, this track is almost guaranteed to shift your mood towards the positive pole, no matter how many times it’s been played before.

The emotional depth created by the harmony, which blossoms between Hooper’s voice and the guitar parts, is the formidable jamb of the door with which to enter, again or for the first time ever, into the music penned  by this inspired artist.

Cozy, balmy, precise, and beautifully lived-in, the sound aesthetic is conceived to give each note its own clarity and showcasing Hooper’s playing and singing to innermost perfection. Its gentle tone suggests wisdom and retrospection, while the instrumentation shrewdly ferries all its textures, from strings to acoustic guitars, from smooth vocal lines to alluring beats.

Nothing is forced into execution here. This Was The Earth is a very relaxed composition under multiple points of relevance: in the rhythm, in the rhyme, and in the tone, but also in that certain easygoing feeling that you don’t hear every day on the FM dial.

The music video for This Was The Earth is available on Jacko Hooper’s Youtube channel, and it features some somewhat enigmatic imagery. But aside from its surreal stylization, the video itself is as efficiently structured as its source material is. Everything we see is intertwined, from shot to shot, with the tapestry of Hooper’s lyrical fiction. Therefore praise also to Elliot Tatler and Al Pott, who joined Jacko in the filming and editing phases.

No doubt here, that is what really makes the gem in the jewel. Whether one delight in analyzing the mix and mastering, or engages in an interpretative reading of the video, the song stands out and shines with its own light, being superbly detailed from top to bottom, without being completely overwhelming.

Music like this doesn’t need any fancy bells and purring whistles to make a big impression on everyone who will listen to it, but we want to say: this spring, those hoping in some chill-inducing harmonies from the pop background will find a home run with the new single/video combo signed by Hooper.

As he has already demonstrated with How Lucky We Are, his previous single that we covered right here – Jacko Hooper // How Lucky We Are – Jacko Hooper continues to evolve along his path of pure magic, stylistic and creative.

Now with This Was The Earth, he gives us a new exciting glimpse of this evolutionary process, melding the sublimity of simplicity with the emotionality of the melodic. And as long as he continues to bring the passion and wealth seen in this piece of work, he will end up with more than a precious collection of medals to luster an artist profile.

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