Of course, it could not be otherwise with an artist who has been on the music scenes for years, from that of the south of England to the rest of Europe.

From his first acts with the French videographer Rod Maurice of Le Hiboo, who invited him to direct the Café De La Danse in Paris, to numerous other shows in Europe, Jacko Hooper has accompanied many artists on the stage, including names such as Chet Faker, Amber Run, Marika Hackman, James Bay, Natalie Prass, Russian Red, Foxes, SOAK and James Blunt at Brighton Center, just to name a few.

In 2014 Jacko also created Folklore Sessions, recognized by most as one of the leading music promotions and boutique record labels of the British South East.

The reviews and streams of words that describe his musicality and his artistic depth abound on the web, and wanting to talk about his latest release, the single ‘How Lucky We Are’, penning something original becomes difficult to achieve.

But to suggest to us the best way to attempt it, here comes that aura of sophisticated simplicity that adorns ‘How Lucky We Are’.

The release of ‘How Lucky We Are’ is accompanied by the official lyric video, available on the Jacko Hooper’s YouTube channel.

Other times, speaking of many other remarkable artists, we underlined how some of them boast a sensitivity they gained by living the time and places of their very own world of music.

It’s that kind of sensitivity that you cannot buy or download, but only develop by living and breathing music, inside the world of creativity and creatives, cultivating technique and art, offering a version of yourself that “improves” time after time.

Figuratively, it is like drawing a perfect circle, tracing a small stroke day after day, year after year, until, unexpectedly, that circle closes. In this case, that simple line that outlines and encloses everything is exactly the one Jacko Hooper draws with ‘How Lucky We Are’.

So Jacko speaks about the song: “This track was written lockdown, longing to see those you love and yet realizing how lucky you are to have those people in your life and wanting to be the best version of yourself you can for them.”

It’s the beauty of a work that, in the simple sophistication of a piece acoustically set in a diadem made just of solo voice and electric guitar, opens up in an expressive delicacy that has few equals.

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