She is J. Irja The Sexy Psycho, delivering her “real” rap, with lyrics based on her true life experiences

One encounter with J. Irja The Sexy Psycho and you’ll never forget her 5’0” dynamite frame that dons a striking head tattoo and boasts a powerhouse of rapid-fire, catchy lyrics and captivating stage presence.

Arguably one of the most lyrically complex and creative unsigned female rappers in the current hip-hop industry, her fans liken her to a “white girl Tech N9ne” and “female Eminem.”

Platinum Producer DJ Pain 1 co-signs her performance by stating “J. Irja shuts down the stage – every time.”

Influenced by artists as Eminem and Tech N9ne, J. Irja decided to use struggle and pain as motivation and show to others they can overcome anything in life.

Came from homelessness and severe poverty, even eating out of a garbage, J. Ira overcame alcoholism and life pains.

“Survivor” is the latest single from J. Irja

Her performance and music are both captivating, but perhaps the most intriguing thing about J. Irja is her music is all inspired but her real life. In her own words “EVERYTHING I rap is real, I’ve either been through it or seen it. I don’t do fake, I don’t do ‘Wishlist Rapping’” 

The pain in her music comes from a lifetime of struggling, of turning nothing into something. She grew up in Canada in a poverty-stricken 7 person home and turned to small side hustles to help put food on the table. A major head injury in 5th grade caused major set-backs both mentally and socially for her, and she became an outcast.

She shaved her head and joined the wrestling team, and after her parents disapproval, she went on to cheerleading. It was obvious that she was torn within between her masculine and feminine sides and she turned to her one true love for solace: Music. 

She became a published Poet young, and graduated early vowing to never struggle as she did growing up, so she turned to selling drugs and exotic dancing to funnel money into her music career. She fell into tragedy as she obtained another severe head injury and began an intimate and tumultuous relationship with an abusive manager who extorted her and preyed upon her one true goal: to make it in the music business. 

But J. Irja didn’t give up! She pushed forward to start a conglomerate in honor of her daughter called the “Female Empowerment Movement Militia” a non-profit foundation that is comprised of women of all walks of life coming together to uplift and motivate one another to succeed and to demolish the roadblocks of sexual inequality once and for all and she is on her way to being part of making that happen.

J. Irja is focused on becoming the first female rapper signed to Strange Music and has opened for their artists Rittz, Stevie Stone, and MAYDAY. She has also toured in over a dozen states, sharing the stage with major artists including Twista, T-Pain, Do-Or-Die and many more. She is also featured in many renowned online sites including thisis50 and has had numerous interviews on radio stations including 97.7 The Blaze.

In her own words “Stay Tuned, the best is yet to come”.