Through trap rhythms, a flow rap with raw lyrics, and melodic structures ranging from RnB to alternative-style pop, J.Drive’s mixtape is a compelling blend with a captivating grip, in which he channels all the charm of his creativity.

Infused with an atmospheric intriguing musical aesthetic made of synths and simple, catchy melodies, the first track ‘Silver Lining’ is a love story in R&B style, full of ardent passion that through a wide sound spectrum guarantees an energetic and lively musical delivery, while remaining consistent with J.Drive’s stylistic signature.

The second track ‘Understand’ is moved by a bouncing rhythmic carpet on which J.Drive’s captivating flow rap develops. Produced by Palaze, the song is so magnetic it keeps the listener glued to it, thanks to the feverish tension on which the musical discourse develops.

Together, the two tracks are the perfect business card for J.Drive, who with ‘Overdrive’ brings us a coherent mixtape, enriched by its sense of organicity, quality of production, and richness of the composition.

This is an excellent debut for J.Drive, who thanks to it already stands out and emerges in a hip-hop rap scene crowded with sterile and apathetic productions.


Listen now to ‘Silver Lining’ and ‘Understand’, J.Drive’s two singles from the debut mixtape ‘Overdrive’, available on Soundcloud [ here ].

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