Its21Master, also known simply as “21”, is a Singapore-based rap artist who kicked off his creative flair in 2018 when he released his debut single ‘Thrown in Your Face’, a song that brought him a lot of success and attracted a lot of attention from fans and critics.

The subsequent releases of this promising artist are also noteworthy. It is worth mentioning the single ‘Like a God’, produced by Kontrabandz and designed by Lil Edd, released in the summer of 2019, added by Spotify’s curators in the hip-hop playlist “Beats and Rhymes”. The song, which received positive traction on social media, has become one of his most successful songs, surpassing 20,000 streams on Spotify, a result that Its21Master has repeated with the most recent single ‘Step Down’.

Able to blend rap with jazz, like in his single ‘Rising to the Top’, Its21Master proves to be an artist with an unmistakable and unique style, blurring the boundaries between hip-hop and other genres. But it is precisely with his latest project, the single ‘Supersize’, that Its21Master seems to have brought his music to an even higher level of expression than it was already.

Its21Master // Supersized - single artwork
Its21Master // Supersized - single artwork

Not new to collaborating with other artists, Its21Master has already had the opportunity to produce music with industry insiders including the producer Mantra, Grammy-nominated engineer Beau Vallis, and Lil Edd, another world-famous engineer who had mixed songs for DDG, Dax and other artists.

In the case of ‘Supersize’, too, Its21Master chose to collaborate with other artists. As he himself tells us: “I had got in contact with Big Jeezy as the producer for the beat, and I got to feature Kevin Hues (on the chorus) and Vic Rippa, who is on the second verse. I have known Vic for quite a while now so when I said I was working on something, he immediately replied that he wants to hop on it and do a verse. “

Bringing us an excellent taste of the energy flow and uniqueness of Its21Master’s lyrics, ‘Supersize’ is an atmospheric track immersed in an enveloping and reverberating sound environment, guided by his flow rap and voice, and made ethereal in a creative way by the combined use of autotune and effects.

Able to encapsulate the listener in a real listening experience, the song presents a certain touch of old-school hip-hop, hybridized in a more modern interpretation so wide it reaches both club music and bouncy trap.

By instilling a humoral sense that is excited by the rhythm but darkened by the harmonies, the song rebounds towards the central theme, while the words of the verses thrill us on a journey close to being visionary.

Its21Master’s ‘Supersize’ is also accompanied by an official lyric video, enriched with transitions and flare and flash video effects set in a swirl of green hues. The video is available on Youtube [ here ].

Listen now to Its21Master’s ‘Supersize’, featuring Kevin Hues and Vic Rippa, available on Spotify here.

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