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Isaiah McLaughlin continues to stretch his tentacles into the alternate meanders of Dark Pop with “As a Parent”, a song from his debut album “Paradise.”

Up-and-coming artist Isaiah Mclaughlin continues his journey on a nebulous quest in which estrus, histrionic vision, and oversaturated distortions persist obsessively.

The glimpse is almost the same as the previous releases that we had the opportunity to talk about some time ago. But if with the previous works Mclaughlin was still at the mercy of certain prospective waves, his debut album constitutes a sort of first landing.

Of course it is always a non-place in which definition and clarity busily give way to that stinging goad, or perhaps it would be better to say to that sharp blade, which we have been testing since the Ep Revolution.

However, there is a new consideration to be made in analyzing Mclaughlin’s new work. The release in question is the 13-track album Paradise.

Apparently nothing seems to have changed from what we heard previously. However, only when we shift and split our point of view can we grasp a greater sense of compacting than what Isaiah has tried to invent up to now.

Of course we are far from those snobbish avant-gardes, those who call themselves “polished”, who prefer to work on sophistry and refinement. So much so that precisely in the mass with a high specific weight that is “paradise” we find a further center of densification.

This is track # 3, titled “As a Parent.” Isaiah told us that for the making of this track he was inspired by Michael Jackson’s song “Do You Know Where Your Children Are?”

Curious to see how the most daring eruption conceived by the Dark Pop artist comes through an unexpected thread. This is because above all sonically it is as if a 100k lumen reflector was fired on “As a Parent”. The exuberant irradiation blurs any contours from the mid-range up, while an obsessive kick hits the ears incestuously and incessantly, until it echoes in the brain.

It takes some sort of mental washing before you can digest this stuff. Because as mentioned it is very dense. Crammed to the marrow. There is no kindness. There are no half measures. The tonal root is shattered and left there to itself, suspended in a sort of primordial broth that agitates without even understanding what she wants to be, what she wants to become, where she wants to go.

It is therefore evident that that of “As a Parent” is an alien organicity. Pretentious of being, while being aware of not being.

We are sure for some all this will be just wordy lexicon, followed by music that is musical noise, or worse, not music. But it is clear that for the already 35K listeners on Spotify who lend their ear to Isaiah Mclaughlin’s music every month, all of this is already something.

Therefore, net of narrow definitions that aim to give precise colors and connotations, the interesting question therefore becomes: if all this must be defined as the opposite of something, or even as a negation of something that came before, then it could be that the impediment to understanding both in the limit of the listener’s ear, rather than in the supposed inability to relegate a delivery to something already codified?

For the fearless and the brave at heart, the answer is partly in “As a Parent” and the album that contains it. For everyone else, the usual playlist made up of things one can expect is already in their players, in their smartphones, in their ears.

Listen now to As a Parent, the latest Track by Isaiah Mclaughlin off of his debut album Paradise, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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