Irina Florea aka Irina Flow is a rising star in Romania’s thriving pop scene, returning today with her infectious energy bringing to us the electro-pop number ‘Saka Saka’.

Infused by compelling and reaggae rhythms, with ‘Saka Saka’ Irina give life to an irresistible, fresh and dynamic groove.

Impossible not to dance on it, while singing along the “Saka Saka” motif, you will surely keep humming this song for days and days.

Release in early April 2020, Irina Flow’s ‘Saka Saka’ is out on the major streaming platforms, and is accompanied by a lyric video, available on Irina’s Youtube channel.

Listen now to ‘Saka Saka’, and find out more about Irina Flow’ music, checking the links below:

Irina Flow // Saka Saka - single cover