Nicolas Courret and David Euverte mix within Invaders the deviant pop culture with their strong classical background, creating the crepuscular album ‘Carnival of Sounds’.

The creative duo Invaders emerge with a soundtrack that doubles as a reinterpretation of Herk Harvey’s movie Carnival of Souls. Reinventing the music of this atypical horror film released in 1962, this 13-track album has engaged Courret and Euverte for over a year, to create a tense musical journey full of unique plots, overwhelming rhythmic patterns, and melodic hooks.

‘Carnival of Sounds’ is a world apart, crepuscular and bright at the same time, an immersive and visionary futuristic work capable of making its retro aesthetic feel avant-garde.

Epically evocative, moving between solemn crests and involuted introspections, through the 13 instrumental tracks of ‘Carnival of Sounds’ Invaders guide us into analogical noir atmospheres imbued with charm and mystery.

In addition to being a tribute to the movie Carnival of Souls, the album also pays homage to actress Candace Hilligoss, a very talented artist that did not have the career she deserved, by dedicating the artwork to her: a photo focused on Candance’s hypnotically fascinating gaze.

Listen now to ‘Carnival of Sounds’ from Invaders, and find out more about them and their music, checking the links below:

Invaders // Carnival of Sounds - album cover, photo of Candace Hilligoss
Invaders // Carnival of Sounds - album cover, photo of Candace Hilligoss