From Los Angeles, CA, 22-year-old singer, songwriter and DJ from Sydney, Australia, Jesse Neo presents his project Gemtracks, a start-up that sees him committed to transforming his website into an online store that sell beats and backing tracks. Jesse summarizes the start of the new Gemtracks business thus: “The idea for Gemtracks came when I started getting a lot of requests from labels, artists and YouTube channels asking me to compose beats for them. When I realized Gemtracks was actually generating sales, I called all my producer friends and we started mass producing beats for the website together.”

Unlike many other markets, Gemtracks only sells each beat once. Once a beat is sold, it is removed from the website and the new buyer becomes the owner and sole legal copyright holder of the beat. The benefits of this are that the new owner can retain all copyrights and distribute unlimited copies of the track. “I know that beats marketplace isn’t a new concept,” explained Jesse. “The only thing that has always stopped me from actually buying from other markets is the fact that the same beat can be sold to multiple people. Imagine releasing a song and realizing it contains the same stems as another song!”

Currently the Gemtracks catalog includes nearly 1000 beats of various genres, ranging from pop, EDM, rock, country and Jazz, with prices ranging from $ 99 to $ 600 per beat. So, if you are looking for a place where you can buy beats, head to Gemtracks now and try it out!