Synt@x is a duo formed by mysterious hacktivist DJs who have studied, compiled, infused and innovated techno music with their personal touch all over the world.

We recently contacted them for a brief interview, in the hope of being able to unravel the halo of mystery that surrounds this creative duo and learn more about their music. Keep on reading to know more!

Q: Hi Synt@x, thank you for joining us for this interview. Is there any secret about you that we can disclose to our readers? Anything about your background?
A: We do not believe in or support any laws or societal formalities.

Q: We were born into the Anonymous Hacktivist subculture.
A: Whenever we need an Identity for any reason. We create one, then delete it. Same with most aspects of the culture we choose to be in at any moment.

Q: How did you manage to make a name for yourself on the techno scene?
A: We are not sure we have made a “name” in the context you are implying. Our messages are more important than our names and egos.

Q: What do you think makes uniquely yours your creative approach and the style of music you produce?
A: True uniqueness is virtually impossible.

Q: Culture or counterculture?
A: “counterculture“

Q: Where do you feel you can best express your creative vision?
A: Which one? We have many of those, always evolving…

Q: Your productions are particularly elusive, something to enjoy right now, as the next day they might be removed. What is the meaning and the result of this choice?
A: There are several reasons for this. Part is due to our inability to release our identities and formatted technical details to the companies that request them. So, they remove the content.
On an artistic aspect, we adhere to a Buddhist philosophy, that teaches people to appreciate the moment you are in. The future is not always a guarantee for anything. Whether it be our lives, or our music.

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