After releasing his elegant debut album “Long Road Coming Home”, and his emotional “Being Myself”, Rob Alexander is now working on a new 12-track release full of potential hits. A demanding project that once again sees the involvement of members from Elton John’s band.

We already had the pleasure of writing about Rob Alexander’s previous albums. If you missed the articles you can find them here:

Recently, we reached Rob for a short talk via chat, to find out more about this artist and his songs. We have chosen to concentrate a couple of questions on his latest single “Life As We Know It”. Read on to discover more!

Hi Rob, thanks for taking time for this interview.
Thank you very much. It’s my pleasure to speak with you.

What’s the story behind your next single, ‘Life As We Know It’?
‘Life As We Know It’ is about getting back to living life to the fullest. Oftentimes we become lost in the day, not giving it our full attention and becoming too involved with our social media pages and how many ‘likes’ we get. The song is a lesson in living in the moment.

‘Life As We Know It’ is extracted from your album ‘Being Myself’, which you created with producer Gabe Lopez. What was it like working with him?
Gabe is an absolutely wonderful human being. We never had anything close to an argument while working together and we’ve collaborated on nearly 35 tracks to date. He is a multi-instrumentalist and handles the drums and piano on all the tracks. We are working together on new material at the moment.

Your previous releases have received a lot of positive press and media feedback. Some have compared your voice to icons of the caliber of Neil Diamond and Elton John. How does this make you feel?
I love the comparisons, mainly because I pattern my vocal style after Sir Elton. I’ve even written a tribute song about Elton and his first performance trip to America on the ‘Being Myself’ album called ‘Friend of Mine (Elton’s Epic).’ Sometimes the phrasing of my songs can be similar to that of Neil Diamond and Elton John.

Provocative question. How difficult, or easy, is it to release ’90s pop music in 2020?
I consider a good melody to be timeless, though certain aspects of a song can remind one of a bygone era. I just write the kind of songs that I wanna hear on the radio, and hopefully by focusing on melody and strong, catchy hooks, my songs will find an audience. I do hear my songs on the radio, and it’s always thrilling.

Do you have other projects planned for the futureabout which you can give us anticipations?
Currently I am writing and recording for a new project that I plan to release in the Spring of 2021. I’ve written close to 30 new songs, but will record the best 12 or so for the new album. I always want an album full of potential ‘hits.’ Having a few good ones and a bunch of mediocre ones is not my thing. Again, I’m working with members of Elton John’s band on the new album, as I’ve done on ‘Being Myself.’

Listen now to ‘Being Myself’, the latest single from Rob Alexander, available on Spotify [ here ].

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Rob Alexander // This Hollywood Road - single cover

Rob Alexander // This Hollywood Road

A radiant bloom in which to find the spark with every listening, ‘This Hollywood Road’ is the latest single by Rob Alexander, off of his album ‘Being Myself’.