We had the chance to talk to Beats Universal, a music production team formed in 2013, currently based in the USA, UK and Greece. Keep on reading to find out more!

Hi Beats Universal, welcome to Nova Music blog and thank you for taking the time for this short interview.

Thanks for having us.

Please introduce yourself briefly to our readers. Who are the masterminds behind this project?

Beats Universal was formed around 7 years ago and consists of 3 music producers / beatmakers, currently based in the USA, UK and Greece. We produce beats and instrumentals for sale in many genres, but right now we mainly focus on producing hip hop, rap and reggae beats.

You are currently based in the USA, UK and Greece. It seems that remote working is a common workflow for you. How has global lockdown affected your business?

Since almost everything we do for our music production business takes place on either our music studios or online, we really have everything we need right now and so the global lockdown hasn’t really affected our business that much.

On the contrary, since most artists currently have more free time to work on their music, we’re actually seeing an increase in beat sales and inquiries for our artist services.

Online since 2013, BeatsUniversal.com is the center of your business. How did you manage to make it a top destination for music artists and rappers?

It’s definitely not been easy, but with a lot of work and dedication we slowly managed to grow our business and increase our reach to music artists from all over the world. There’s plenty of competition in this space, so knowledge of marketing and branding is essential if you want to make it.

High quality beats, but not only. What other services does Beats Universal offer?

We also provide various artist services such as music website design, professional lyric videos and mixing / mastering services

How do you distinguish yourself from others who offer beats or services like yours?

Our goal is to be able to provide everything a music artist or rapper might need all in one place, so that they don’t have to waste time on different websites for each type of beat or service they require. And of course we always try to provide the highest quality possible in everything that we offer.

Where can music artists find more about you and your services?

If you’d like to browse our beats and music services feel free to visit our website BeatsUniversal.com

To find out more about Beat Universal and their music, check the link below: