Recently we had the pleasure of talking about the song “Straight to the Heart” by Lorenzo Gabanizza, an Italian singer and songwriter with a notable musical career, and about the video accompanying this single.

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We decided to interview him in order to get to know him and his music more closely.

Read on to find out more!

Hi, Lorenzo! Welcome back and thank you for taking the time for this interview.

It’s always a pleasure to meet Nova Music.

We already had the opportunity to write two articles on “Straight to the Heart”, but this time we’d like to start by taking a step back. Let’s go back to the time when you were creating “Out of Darkness”. The artists who joined you in that production are the same as “Straight to the Heart”. Where does this choice come from?

Well, one of the most important things for an author and composer, is to surround himself with the right people. With “right people”, I mean musicians who manage to act as a link between the artist’s thought and the sound event, let’s put it this way.

The session musicians are of extreme importance for the final result of the album and it doesn’t concern only the technical skills because, in my opinion, they are the mean for my inner voice to be heard.

That’s why I chose 3 magnificent professionals for my album. When we were in the recording studio the first time, all together, I knew immediately that I had found the perfect balance. I have played with many musicians in my long career, famous and less famous, but I rarely found such an impact; I guess this happens because they believe in what I do, and they believe in me. Last but not least, they lock ego out of the recording room.
Ego can destroy a musician and his work, but this get even worse when he has to work for someone else. I mean, the true or great or professional musician, call it as you like, will work for you, not against you; and furthermore, he will try to make your voice heard, not his own.
I met many skilled musicians (engineers as well) over the years that were incapable to fit for the task because they came in studio to play my music as they wanted it to sound. They really didn’t care for the message or what I asked, even being paid for it.

So, now let me tell you who my chosen musicians are.

On the bass, I have chosen Max Gabanizza, my brother. Easy task indeed: he toured with Chuck Berry, and other Giants of the music business. He has a long career as I do myself, great experience and the touch of a magician. To see him perform it’s always a pleasure for me. Poetry in motion. I always thought Max doesn’t play bass, he makes love with it. With Max, furthermore, I have the advantage that he knows me and knows what I like.

On the drums, Robby Pellati, great guy, honest, brilliant, who is well known for his outstanding career. Just to mention a couple of musicians he worked with Italian Grammy Ligabue and Willy de Ville. Robby is a terrific drummer, one who could fit all music genres, and who may play drums even upside down. Once he performed a drum solo using one hand: believe me when I tell you that closing your eyes you wouldn’t have thought he was.

On the guitar I have chosen Luca Marcìas a young and talented guitar player, with which I share the passion for Freddie Mercury’s music. He is always focused, on the ball, serious, and has a melodic choice very near to my own.
At the moment of this interview he is touring the States with his band Levels – this week I think he’s got a gig on L.A. Don’t miss the chance to attend if you’re around, the guys are great!

If people skilled in mixing and mastering listen to “Straight to the Heart”, they’ll have a great time, any attempt at a careful musical analysis would show some formidable strokes of genius in the song. Next to the artists you mentioned earlier, there is another artist whose contribution helped bring “Straight to the Heart” to an even higher level than it already was. We are of course talking about award-winning engineer Don Tyler, who has under his belt collaborations with legends such as Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond. What is it like to work closely with artists of this level?

Meeting Don, has been the icing on the cake. His reputation on the business is amazing. He previously worked at the famous Precision Mastering Studios, Los Angeles, and now got his own studio, IOMastering in L.A. I think the best part of the story is that having Don on the control room you know in advance that your work (read: your soul) will be handled with the required respect and in the best possible way. With my single he did an outstanding work, keeping and maximizing the romantic rock mood of the song. I am eager to work again with him on the other tracks of the album.

You once more decided to bring to the public a truly excellent production when it came time for the video for your single. Let’s go backstage, to the time you were filming “Straight to the Heart”, to the set and Oscar Serio, the deus ex machina who took care of the direction. In the past, you called him “pure genius” during an interview. Can you elaborate on your working relationship and the overall experience?

Yes, Oscar indeed is a pure genius. For my videoclip I wanted someone who could understand the Poetic of the song, but also all the emotional background burning through the lyrics. I found many video makers, on the internet, but when I stepped on Oscar’s biography, I understood he was the right fit. I mean, who could better understand what I needed than someone who had a previous career in music?

Oscar Serio with Lorenzo Gabanizza
Oscar Serio with Lorenzo Gabanizza

Oscar doesn’t like compliments, sometimes he can be even rough, but all what he does and says is aimed to the final success. I call him “pure genius” because he has the imagery of the greats, he works with colors, lights and shadows as a painter would do and furthermore, he treats your stuff with the utmost respect. He perfectly understood what I expected from this videoclip and I am proud that he didn’t change anything of the subject I provided him. I think we did a great work together, because the videoclip is pure, simple and stand out because of his poignant romanticism. Judge by yourself.

Martina Sacchetti
Martina Sacchetti

And then there is her, Martina Sacchetti, a formidable professional actress of incredible beauty, with talent in spades and a quite impressive curriculum. She’s a star shining as she joins you in her role as co-protagonist. How did you meet?

When I met Oscar, I had to choose the co-protagonist and we talked over the models or actresses who could have been a good choice. When he came across the name of Martina, and I saw some of her works I’ve been mesmerized. She got everything I needed: never vulgar nor taken for granted, she could easily use her breathtaking beauty to slide down on a certain kind of eroticism very popular among today’s actresses, but she never does. Yes, she never does. Even when she works as a model, her work spread poetry. I guess this happens because she works with some of today’s most talented photographers as Renato Lanaro, Alan Marcheselli, Siddharta Mancini and many more. But is when she acts that you can see, I may say, all the sides of the prism because theatre and cinema is her true world: she was born for it. Look at her performances and you’ll see I am not exaggerating here. Watch her monologue on “Il viso di Tracey”, where she acts with Andrea Santonastaso or the movie “Ascoltati” directed by Andrea Recchia. Amazing. Simply amazing.

“Straight to the Heart” carries within itself an autobiographical narration that deals with that deeply intimate feeling that is love. How did you manage to share this with Marina who, before the video, wasn’t part of your inner circle of friends?

I must be sincere. I was very worried in the beginning. Because for me this video clip has a special importance. So much stuff through and under the lines, you know. So, I spent the whole 2 hours car trip thinking over and over if I was doing the right thing.

But when I first met her, all doubts were gone. She was simply the best fit I could ever imagine for the female role in my videoclip: sweet and classy beauty, with a kind of slight “parisienne” nuance. Moreover, she was professional enough to “holding my hand” where I was insecure, being not a professional actor. And she made me shine. Watch the “dispute scene” or the final scene, I mean: WOW!  It was not difficult for me to share my feelings with Martina because I felt she understood me, as much as Oscar did and both put me at ease. They perfectly knew how much was at stake. I mean, even if I will shot hundreds of videoclips in the future, this one will always stay up there on the top of Mount Olympus, because it was perfect, magic, pure and exactly what I wanted the viewers to see.

Lorenzo Gabanizza // “Straight to the Heart” – videoclip

The way “Straight to the Heart” sounds seems to express an artistic maturity and depth that feel like an important milestone in your musical career. Having reached this point, what do you see in your future? Are there new projects already in the pipeline? Any expectation?

Yes, you are perfectly right. “Straight to the heart has a double value: it’s both an ending and starting point. I have by now lot of projects, first of all of course, to end the album “Out of Darkness”. Another one is coming. I started this work in parallel a couple of years ago. I hopefully manage to end it within 2020 or beginning 2021. There’s also one summer tour coming, and February 4, I will be hosted by the great Silvy Starks on her awarded program “The Queen Silvy Show”. Queen Silvy is an outstanding human being, with a great big heart, and a terrific professional. Be sure to listen at the broadcasting, at 11.30 (USA) 18.30 (Europe). Thank you so much for your time.

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