In view of the release of his new single “Running For a Long Time“, which will be available on October 11th, we caught up with Frankie Carbone for an interview: keep reading for more!

Hi Frankie and thank you for taking the time for this interview.

On October 11th you’ll be releasing a new single, “Running for a long time”. Listening to the track, it feels like it might contain something autobiographical. Is that correct?

Yes I wrote this song over the summer while taking care of my two sick parents in NYC.
I’d play my guitar everyday as a way of channeling the exhaustion and trauma with both my parents getting ill, and I came over from my home in California, to take care of them both at their home in Queens NY.

Frankie Carbone // Running For a Long Time - artwork
Frankie Carbone // Running For a Long Time - artwork

How and when did you become a musical artist?

I have been writing songs for over 20 years and started when I was 17. Influenced by rock, pop, new wave, punk disco, and heavy metal to name a few.

Your run in the music world started about 4 years ago. How has your music developed during this time?

I have been refining my sound and really getting into radio music since I’ve been spending the past three years in NYC. I have been influenced by the modern pop, but have been writing songs that have electric guitars which is not the hippest thing in music these days. “Running For a Long Time” is a song the has a disco, and pop edge inspired by Katy Perry, Post Malone, and my influences of New Order, Echo And The Bunnymen, and The Clash.

Are you already planning something for after the release of “Running For a Long Time”?

I have several new tracks coming out in November, and December. I will also have videos for my new records on my YouTube channel.

Your songs range from very classic rock to alternative rock, to 80s dance. Where does this creative vein come from?

Growing up in Queens, I spent a lot of time on the streets listening to all kinds of music on boom boxes, in cars, and at home. I had a vast and eclectic record collection rooted in Rock. Music was really the only escape growing up and I became a DJ, and have been singing in my band WOOFWOOF for many years.

It seems you, too, have every intention of continuing to run for a long time. Where do you imagine, your musical creativity will take you?

I am learning and exploring all the new formats of music streaming. I’m really enjoying producing music videos for my records. The market today is single’s driven so I don’t know if I will do a whole album.
I’m having fun doing one at a time and we will promote the music to get to the right people.
I want to hear my songs on the radio ASAP! I have using Spotify, and YouTube to learn and listen.
I’m doing a big promotional push with YouTube soon.

Is there any place online where one can listen to your music and find out more about you?