Recently artist Crystal Sherie released her new single “Pay Me.” We had the opportunity to interview her.

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Crystal Sherie // Pay Me - single cover
Crystal Sherie // Pay Me – single cover

Hi Crystal, thanks for joining us for this interview.

Thank you for having me.

Your career ideally begins in 1999 with your participation in the Stellar Awards winning album “So Real”. Your career then continued under the name C ~ RoB, with the release of the songs “Thinkin’ Of You”, “Uptown”, “A Party Ain’t a Party”, and the album “SOUL”. In 2018 you released the single “Psalms 34”, contained in the album “Beautifully Broken”, released the same year. How has this growth influenced you on the artistic level?

What I noticed is with each release artistically I find myself venturing out more and trying new and different styles. As an artist I am pushing boundaries that I hadn’t thought about in the past. For example doing a bit of harmonies would’ve been something I never would have tried before.

The music you create seems to be made to be broadcast at 360 degrees, in every direction and towards any listener. Where does this vision come from? And what are the contents and meanings you are trying to convey?

Yes! My message is definitely universal! The content that I believe I’m hopefully conveying is a message of hope. That no matter where you find yourself at in life there are two principles I always go by! End the chapter and create a new one. People allow things to let them get stuck in life when in all actuality it’s just a matter of sitting down and closing all of the doors that are associated to and that lead you to that stuck place. Then taking what is working and navigating whatever it is from a new perspective. And the next thing I know for a fact is that your situation can change in a matter of hours. In 24hrs you can go from broke to rich from sick to healed so let your attitude and words reflect this truth. And most of these truths take faith. And faith which I believe is such a personal place has got to be built from within. And the best way to do this is by finding out what your creator says about you so you can gauge your life based on this and not your current circumstances.

In your music, you reflect an important aspect of your life: faith in God. How does faith influence, inspire or guide you?

Like I just mentioned faith in what God says about you is the ultimate guide.  Anything out of its element will look awkward until it’s put in its correct element where it was made to thrive. Fish don’t thrive in the air, they thrive in water. Birds thrive in the air. And humans thrive in the sphere of influence they were made to soar in. It’s called purpose. And when we are born we are all born with a purpose. They key is unlocking that purpose and then going for it. God gave us so many combinations of gifts and talents that connect to our purpose. A man named Myles Monroe once said, ‘..asked where the richest place on earth was. After many answers of names of states and people he then looked and said,’ it’s the graveyard. Trillions have died not tapping into their full potential and million dollar ideas.

The picture we are outlining seems to define Crystal Sherie as a record artist of the ‘next generation’. What means for you be part of the ‘next generation’?

When I use the term next generation I am referring to my posture in stepping ahead of the trend. For example, we all know how to make money. But do we know how to recover money that was lost or stolen? That’s what I mean by next generation.

From the outside, your artistic figure appears determined, with a very clear vision of what you want to do, where you are now and where you want to go. But it probably wasn’t always like this. Are we right?

Yes, you’re absolutely right! There was a time I was unsure about a few things in life but one thing that I found that continued to happen to me. For example, every time I tried to step away from music there would be some instances that would pull me back in that direction. It was the furthest thing from my mind but yet opportunities would continue to present themselves in so many ways it was unbelievable. Finally, I just gave up trying to avoid it and picked it back up.

“Pay Me” is your latest single, already available in all digital stores. What did you put in this new song? What is “Pay Me” about?

This new song is the introduction of the next level, speaks to after many years coming back, to finish what I was supposed to not stop many years ago. It speaks to recovering time, resources, and opportunities that are owed to me now, since I stepped back into that space of music.

We know you’re already working on something new. What will you release after “Pay Me”? Can you give us some anticipation?

There is a collaboration I did called, WOG2 aka Superstar. It’s a really fun track from a woman’s perspective about relationships. Every man needs a WOG2 aka Superstar!

Is there any place curious fans can listen to your music and find out more about you?

Although I am all over social media, my website, and especially if you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll get the first news, most intimate details, and you will be in the know!

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