Abtlastnite (pronounced “about last nite”) is a neo-rap hip-hop artist who makes his flow a distinctive element, through which he never fails to innovate with every work he publishes.

Among his most recent releases, the 8-track album titled “Baetrap” stands out, in which we find all the penetrating power of the lyrics that Abtlastnite is able to rhymes.

With heavy bass and lower strings mixed by Reese Kent (Wife) added to lyrics with sometimes darker hues, Abtlastnite creates an innovative sound, which stands out in an often stale and repetitive hip-hop environment.

To get to know the creativity of this prolific artist more closely, we reached Abtlastnite for a short interview. Read on to find out more!

Welcome Abtlastnite and thank you on joining us for this interview.

Definitely happy for the opportunity!

Let’s start talking about “Baetrap”. Tell us about the theme the album. What is the fil de rouge that links its tracks?

The best way I can describe “Baetrap” is it’s a tell of who a man becomes after certain effects from a relationship gone south. Then though the relationship I have is a breath of fresh air every day I wake up. I still create a “breakup diary” of doubts a normal man has.

“Baetrap” has a very detailed production and it sounds really great. What was your approach in the production of this project?

The album was mostly produced by me and a producer named Ocean and we wasn’t to create a more upbeat and tempo sound for otherwise sadder lyrics. We had made 20 beats for it and the 8 I picked really felt right to me.

There is a very atmospheric tone in “Baetrap”, yet it is quite direct. How do you balance these different elements?

To be honest BaeTrap was a shot in the dark. I recorded 12 songs for it and after listening over and over I felt these 8 tracks told the best on going story. From the help of Ocean, Reese Kent and “Baetrap” it came to a story that I’m truly proud of.

Any anticipation on your future projects?

I am working on my first studio album called “The Neighbourhood” that comes mid-2020 that will be executive produced by Reese Kent and I’m gonna further show the growth and lessons that I have be taught. I don’t believe I should remain the same but find new ways for people to relate.

Abtlastnite // “Baetrap” - artwork
Abtlastnite // “Baetrap” - artwork

Listen now to “Baetrap“, the latest album from Abtlastnite, already available on Spotify [ here ].

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