After dropping out of college to find his muse in the midst of dark mists, Innerkid began exploring new methods of songwriting and music production, moving to a laundry room in South Austin.

Inoculating into his latest work touches of dark-electronic, a veiled use of auto-tune and some dream-pop elements, Innerkid created an intelligent act to shows his talent with, bringing us a daydream in musical form in which to let go and get lost without worries.

Languid sounds, a rarefied voice, ethereal synths and electronic rhythms refer to an atmospheric lo-fi listening experience that is graceful, melancholic, and capable of infatuating the listener right from the start of ‘Meteor’.

There is a sort of magical aura that seems to rise as soon as the first notes resound in the air, supported by how organic and unified the sound is, with its balanced and well-structured mix that coherently supports the development of the song right to the end.

Innerkid (2)
Innerkid - Meteor - artwork

The release of Innerkid’s single ‘Meteor’, published on March 20, is accompanied by an official video,
available on the artist’s Youtube channel.

Listen now to ‘Meteor’, Innerkid’s new single, available for streaming on:

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