Infamous RAD is a 31-year-old artist, audio engineer, graphic designer and web designer from Louisville, Kentucky (USA). Although in his hip-hop music he describes the trials and experiences of a street life lived in first person, Infamous RAD brings into his creativity a non-judgmental and undistorted collective vision of others. This principle on which Infamous RAD bases his art is already in itself a peculiar diversifying  element.

Infamous RAD began his journey 14 years ago, and now he is in some way returning to slower, deeper and more emotional paths, looking to go back to his roots in the emo rap and sad boy styles.

Recently he released a new album, titled “The Real Me“, meant to start where his previous one, “Awakening“, ends. The penultimate track of “Awakening“, in fact, is titled “The Real Me“, and through this two autobiographical releases Infamous RAD tells his story from 2017 to today, marked by the demons that have overwhelmed him in the past, and by the realization he needed to get rid of such demons and fight for sobriety.

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Infamous RAD // "The Real Me" - artwork
Infamous RAD // “The Real Me” – artwork