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Biting – the visual and auditory outfit packaged by the new promise Ilona Mahieu is impactful, scratches, leaves its mark, and causes addiction. And this is something we love!

Pulsating, humorally swinging between thoughtful earworms and liberating visceral eruptions, the new act that plays under the moniker of Ilona Mahieu is a supernova that explodes with undeniable power.

Ilona Mahieu started out as a solo project, but when she reached university she decided to pull together some musical friends. Then they started reworking Ilona’s old tunes.

“Thanks to this I was able to evolve my music, from simple acoustic guitar songs to fully fleshed-out tracks with a full band. We’ve been playing and writing new material together ever since,” Mahieu explains.

In the wake of the previous two singles “In My Bones” and “Criminal”, which led the band to be played on various radio shows including BBC Radio Introducing, Ilona Mahieu recently released a brand new work, “Stiletto”, now accompanied by an official video.

A punchy powerhouse driven by crunchy electric guitars and boiling vocals, ‘Stiletto’ is a beautifully bitter dramatic chisel, “about that voice in your head telling you to give up the game and go home.” 

As penetrating as the single itself, the visual imagined and then rendered out of this female-fronted band works with flawless effectiveness further enhancing the personal, characteristic, and distinctive touch on which it is evident that the members of this band often have much of their creative vein.

Recorded at AJA Studios in Shere, UK, and produced, mixed,
and mastered by Ryan Wood (105mmStudios), “Stiletto” is one of the oldest songs penned by Ilona. “We take pride in the quality of our songwriting, production, and overall musicianship and creativity” – said the lead vocalist, then she continued – “We put a lot of work into our presentation and aesthetic, always striving for beautiful and bold imagery to match our music.”

She's still not tall enough
In stiletto heels
Baby, she looks at you
Like you're her next meal

Honey, you may have been
Once upon a time a queen
Now you're the joker card
You're just a broken heart
And he plays you with ease


The multifaceted creative act Ilona Mahieu is comprised by:

Ilona Pointeau – Vocals
Jack Williams – Guitar
Mark Fifield – Bass guitar
Emma Taylor – Drums

Centering around the metaphor of the Queen of Hearts and the Court Jester mirroring one another, this song is defined by truly bold imagery, clearly reflected in the band’s social media campaign and accompanying music video.

For a nostalgic pop-punk throwback, here brilliantly rethought with a magnetic attitude that is imbued with the shadows of today. A regal (blackish) sparkle dripping red passion. Unmissable! 

Listen now to "Stiletto," the latest by Ilona Mahieu, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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