The cover art is an offer to and from Kali Ma, made by the legendary visual artist Slang.
The cover art is an offer to and from Kali Ma, made by the legendary visual artist Slang.

Illuminati Congo is a band and a brand created in the mid-2000s by Chicago lyricist Jahn Hooks in collaboration with producer Nicolas Gorgechon.

Although Jahn and Nicolas continue to work together as Illuminati Congo, the name has become synonymous with Jahn Hooks, associated with his ideas about spirituality, gnosis, and occult knowledge.

The music produced by Illuminati Congo is an offshoot of a hip hop with rasta, reggae and rap influences, and, through lyrics dealing with esoteric and occult ideas, aims to share spiritual wisdom and deep contemplation with the audience.

Through twelve years of discography and dozens of releases, the Illuminati Congo‘s music share the common trait of being thematic and conceptual. They explore topics such as health, wealth, knowledge and tantric interiority. Through their music the Illuminati Congo continue to share and offer unique points of view.

Their latest release is Time Killaz, an album of 19 tracks, for over 1 hour of listening, co-produced with Nic the Graduate and Esteban Lagroue.

The features on the album are big: Shabazz Palaces, Zion I, Vic Spencer and Perfect Giddimani, just to name a few.

This album is a representation in the form of music of the streams that swirl in the vortex of life. It’s a profound, psychedelic journey through eternity, which flows like a movie, scene after scene, song after song. The way this sequence develop is so natural that it has left us astonished. Thanks to intros and outros structured in a masterful way, we often don’t even grasp where a piece ends and where the next one begins.

The production of Time Killaz is stellar. The sound is perfectly consistent from the first to the last track, but at the same time every song is original and captivating. The smart arrangements, the vastness of the sound scenes represented, the heterogeneity of the instruments and vocals, make this album a true masterpiece, unique and complete.

Unmissable, to listen to over and over again.

Start your journey through the musical intricacies of the Illuminati Congo and listen to Time Killaz, available on all the main digital platforms – [ link ].