Executive producer Ike Jackson has one agenda in mind as he cruises through ‘Lit’, EDM remix, which will be featured in the soundtrack to the independent hip-hop assassin movie RE-UP.

With the new single Jackson hits the mark and concocts great EDM danceable rythms, thanks to the creative contribution of Akinyele Hatchell, Christopher Stephen, Harvey Frierson Jr and Vanessa Black, the artists involved in writing and composings process, along with the vocal touch of rapper Nessa Black.

A well produced and engaging pumping beat in the background and a sensual and enveloping vocal performance are the fundamental ingredients that makes ‘Lit’ a flavourful addition to your playlist.

Don’t miss ‘Lit – EDM remix’ from Ike Jackson featuring Nessa Black, now available on:

Ike Jackson ft. Nessa Black // Lit EDM remix cover
Ike Jackson ft. Nessa Black // Lit EDM remix cover
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