Released on May 1st, ‘Goodbye Kiss’ is the second single by the singer-songwriter from South London Ian Holmes. With a title that reflects the sense of hostility towards an ended relationship, in which there is no opportunity for a loving farewell, ‘Goodbye Kiss’ is a song filled by the sense of regret of a bad breakup.

Through words like “I gave your final breath a goodbye kiss”, Ian renders the tragic, haunting, and remorseful line that runs along the whole track. A dark theme for a smoky sound, cloaked in that charm and mystery that are becoming kind of a trademark of Holmes.

However, with ‘Goodbye Kiss’, Ian’s styling cue seems to take an even more scenic breath, thanks to lyrics that tremble and exude regret. If his debut single was focused on the seductive persuasion of an adventure, here Holmes shows us a more vulnerable side of himself, as if he wanted to set up a passionate contrast, of lust versus love, between lingering and the desire to feel the presence of his lover over again.

Goodbye Kiss is available for streaming on all major platforms from the 1st of May. Keep in touch with Ian Holmes, following him on his socials, and find out more about his music, checking the links below: