Growing Pains is the new track by the enigmatic indie duo I Want Poetry. It is a deeply empathic description, full of passion and inner tension, generated by the encounter between the impulse to change and nostalgic desire.

Developed on a cyclic piano loop that seems to want to endlessly twist itself, the notes of Growing Pains seem to arise from a faraway place, setting up with poetic vision the atmosphere of an otherworldly land, a sort of no-man’s-land that lies far beyond our daily horizon.

Through their vibrant and suggestive Growing Pains the duo I Want Poetry gives us a magnificent, ethereal, delicate, and touching listening experience. In this exquisite fusion of styles in modern key indie pop, neoclassical and ambient elements break and merge. Through dynamic development and a touching vocal performance, this fine workmanship brings with it a special and truly wide expressive richness.

In it we find that sense of inevitability that often accompanies every moment of personal growth with painful transport. And it is in this permeating empathetic hook that the peculiar and edifying pulsing poetry rises, capable of making us aware of the fact that while we fight, discarding the skin of our old self, we are reborn, more powerful than before.

Harmoniously and stylistically surprising, Growing Pains is something we are sure we will hear more about. One of the most exciting discoveries of this early 2020.

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I Want Poetry // Growing Pains - artwork
I Want Poetry // Growing Pains - artwork