I Have Four Names is an independent one-man band from Sydney, dedicated to making maximalist songs that pack a full and fun impact, but – as he says – never overstay their welcome.

I Have Four Names portrait

As the culmination of the last 8 years of recording, ‘IH4N (DX)’ is an infectious album full of feverish and effervescent tunes: a collection of 20 songs, all remastered at Studios 301 in Sydney.

Among these, in addition to the lead track ‘Other Hand is Always Greener’, the 1:48 one-shot ‘The Solomon Method’ undoubtedly stands out. Biting, irreverent, moved by a compelling rhythm and an abrasive groove, ‘The Solomon Method’ is a formidable example of the brilliant musical vibrancy that IH4N is capable of creating from an arrangement and a mix and mastering of brilliant quality.

Recounting the animosity between two competitive eating greats, Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut, although it is a short song, the track is a formidable construction full of catchy calls, both in the melody and in the guitar riffs, with a fire drums that carries the piece forward, while the lyrics of IH4N jump and circulate in exciting phrasing between spoken words and rapping.

Unmissable entry points into the world of I Have Four Names, ‘The Solomon Method’ and ‘IH4N (DX)’ are available for streaming and download. The album is available also on MiniDisc, vinyl, and cassette via Bandcamp at IH4N.com.

To know more about I Have Four Names and his music, find and follow IH4N all over the web, checking the links below:

Over on youtube.com/ihavefournames you can find some videos for the other I Have Four Names songs, including ‘The Solomon Method’, ‘Grab Me the Collar’ and the two-part aluminium love story of ‘Contrarian Background’ and ‘Capslocked’.