‘Tempête’ is Hugues Cauvier rampage, in the form of a theatrically vehement symphonic-rock march

Epically storming between a musical act and a symphonic-rock march, ‘Tempête’ is a rampaging number signed by talented Hugues Cauvier. Here Hugues describes the struggle of a man steering his distressed boat in the heart of an Atlantic Ocean storm. Live choirs, cast over a background of strings and horns, build up a powerful and virtuoso number, on which the author performs the lead guitar.

At each pitch into the troughs of the furious waves
Your injured vessel, heels, creaks and shivers

Your Maydays transmitted from the heart of the great whirlwind
Barely pass, there’s no acknowledgement of receipt

There is a storm
Storm in the Atlantic

To discover, or rediscover, the beauty of communicativeness and involvement that only the musical can give.

Listen now to Hugues Cauvier’s ‘Tempête’, and find out more about his music, checking the links below: