Hot Sauce is an EDM duo based in Melbourne, Australia, who brings all the explosive charge of their iconic stylistic signature to the night scene.

Comprising of Australian DJ/producer Otrov and American singer/songwriter Jake Falcon, Hot Sauce sports a feverish and engaging in-your-face style. A heady as well as enthralling blend of bouncing bass and uplifting synths, Hot Sauce’s music seems to be truly capable of revitalizing even the flattest and most boring party.

In the wake of the two previous releases, “Instafamous” and “Reckless,” Falcon and Otrov push their delivery to level up one more time, releasing a new track.

This is the single titled “No Mercy,” which they released in September 2020, bringing us an incredible example of the density and concentration of energy and intensity that this duo is capable of condensing in their creations.

The winning formula of “No Mercy” is a properly packaged unit where Hot Sauce mixes good vibrations from yesterday, with lush saturated and full-bodied mix, and brilliantly enriched by exciting modern touches.

And while the sound design is impeccably chiseled into a top-of-the-edge production, with its “No Mercy,” Hot Sauce brings a fresh, spicy, and engaging number to the table like few others.

The rapped rhymes intertwined with undulating synth waves and pulsating bass lines are just some of the brilliant insights that make “No Mercy” a piece that certainly won’t leave many disappointed, not only EDM aficionados but beyond. Seeing is believing! 

Listen now to “No Mercy,” the latest single from Hot Sauce, available to stream on Spotify.

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