By setting up a close relationship between soundscapes, lyrics and expressiveness, Hopeful Thing’s work is a call to the heart and soul that makes our feelings vibrate.

Built on preciously defined arrangements, the layering of soulful voices and guitars drive a deep and touching emotional impact, while the fine performance by the bass and drums give form and substance to the most rhythmic parts.

The album presents itself with an argumentative opening that somehow makes us think of a very special two-way relationship built on giving and taking. There is something ineffable and wide in this album. Something that requires from us, too, a listening more in-depth and attentive  than the handful of play needed to write a quick post.

We hope to return to Hopeful Thing’s ‘Things Without Us’ as soon as possible, perhaps for a more in-depth review. In the meantime, be sure to listen to the album on Spotify.

Hopeful Thing - portrait
Hopeful Thing - Things Without Us - album artwork

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