Has your 10-years anniversary trip of a lifetime been canceled due to Covid? It happened to Hidden Horizon! And he sings about it in ‘Stuck With You’

Hidden Horizon hails from Barre, VT, USA, the solo project of Jon Dutil, formerly a member of Crossfire and Road To Nowhere, who currently writes and performs by his own, giving form to his love for music and for creating new tunes in particular.

Strongly influenced by early 2000s punk rock outfits such as Offspring, New Found Glory, Fenix TX, Relient K and The Ataris, Hidden Horizon brings us a brand-new single that is uplifting in its own way and pokes fun at the crappy situation we are all in thanks to the Corona virus.

‘Stuck With You’ is an engaging punk-pop piece that tells in a genuine yet alternative way the story of one of the many kinds of messes that have swallowed us in this weird reality we are living, upsetting not only our habits, but in many cases our entire lives.

As Hidden Horizon told us, ‘Stuck With You’ “is a true story, actually! My wife and I had our 10 year anniversary recently and needed to cancel the European trip of a lifetime. The song is supposed to have a double meaning, with that “stuck with you”: cuz we’ve been married for 10 years, and because of the quarantine… trying to stay positive :-)”

Listen now to ‘Stuck With You’, the latest single from Hidden Horizon, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Hidden Horizon // Stuck With You - single cover
Hidden Horizon // Stuck With You - single cover