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A burst of genuine energy

The captivating sound
The energy shot

Hello Fiasco debuts with a compelling and captivating album

Officially released on August 4th, the work of the Pop-rock band was released early on Spotify in May and has already reached the Million streams threshold.

5 members
12 tracks
A finished and refined summation that exalts, amazes and involves at every listening.

Photo Credit: JSenftphotography

Focused, Inspired, Exciting – With “Find The Shoreline,” Hello Fiasco amazes for the linearity with which this album flows track after track.

Energy is not lacking. The sound corroborates a clarity in the delivery of disarming cleanliness. And here, choosing the best track among the 12 is a really difficult task.

The excellence of this work lies right here. Perfectly balanced uniqueness and coherent continuity. Multiply everything by 12 tracks, and then you understand why “Find The Shoreline” is a truly unmissable album.

The root is genuinely faithful to a mix of Pop and Rock that wisely enhances the cornerstones of the style. And while refined and sophisticated touches of eclecticism enrich the songs on the album here and there, each piece arrives, flows, and vanishes like a magical wedge.

Melting any armor of expectation or prejudice like butter, even the most introspective traces reach the ears, heart, and mind with immaculate cleanliness.

Photo Credit: JSenftphotography

Whether it’s catapulting us beyond the clouds or cuddling in the introspective folds of our obscure ones, “Find The Shoreline” works as a safe destination on which to set sail and head for all sorts of horizons.

And here, we find the further brilliant insight that makes this album a work of admirable workmanship. Instead of chasing streams and voluptuous currents, pretentiously willing to force us towards who knows what invention or history, “Find The Shoreline” consolidates that plateau, that almost monolithic pier from which Hello Fiasco set sail.

It is evident that this band knows very well what they are doing.

Therefore the only “regret” is that the album is composed of “only” 12 tracks.

But luckily for us, the replay is there, at our disposal, to embark again, and set sail from that splendid coast where Hello Fiasco has pitched its tent.

Photo Credit: JSenftphotography
Album Cover Art by Ivan Arenas

One of the most interesting debut acts discovered in recent months, Hello Fiasco‘s “Find The Shoreline,” is an album that we feel we can recommend to everyone, not just Pop-rock lovers.

Listen now to Find The Shoreline, the debut Album by Hello Fiasco, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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