Heavyman explore the line between lust and despair with debut single ‘Baby Jean’, the story of a man tortured by a much younger lover.

With ‘Baby Jean’, the first of six songs to be published from the band’s debut recording project, which they will be releasing monthly as they write and record more material, Heavyman step onto the scene delivering their symphony of guitar riffs, groove, staggering vocals and harmony.

Though ‘Baby Jean’ is a song of relatively few words that brings a modern flavour to classic rock, it is driven by a strong narrative, with anguished and desperate vocals, pitted in an ever-evolving conversation against intricate and interweaving guitar lines.

Listen now to ‘Baby Jean’, the debut single by Heavyman, and find out more about their music, checking the links below:

Heavyman // Baby Jean - single cover
Heavyman // Baby Jean - single cover
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