Vivid, pulsating and engaging. They are Hannan, an emerging band that recently launched their first EP titled “Charm Offensive”, from which the single “Break Me” stands out vehemently, a real vibrant and modern hard rock experience.

Bold and powerful, “Break Me” offers a damn compelling musical delivery, thanks to a captivating rhythmic structure and melody. As soon as you listen to it, it’s impossible not to sing along the tune and stomp your feet to the rhythm of this great little masterpiece.

Brilliant and rich in its innovation, but familiar and relatable in its fundamental elements, “Break Me” is, like the rest of the album containing it, a truly remarkable and clear production. The music in this song is more of a surge than a simple, mellow flow. It is an energetic, infectious thrust, which gets under your skin with its contagious groove and starts making you move, beat after beat.

“Break Me” is accompanied by a music video available on YouTube [ here ]. After its release, in less than 24 hours it had already totaled over 5,000 views on Vevo, and more than 35,000 views across other platforms.

Hannan // "Break Me" - album artwork
Hannan // "Break Me" - album artwork

You can find Hannan all over the web, on their official website [ here ], Facebook [ here ], Instagram [ here ], Spotify [ here ] and Youtube [ here ].