Epic and compelling, the story Hana weaves takes us with skill through meandering sounds, now wild, now disturbing, moved and made vibrant by her penetrating and pervasive distinctive voice. Showing off a range of shades declined in touches of the most delicate sensitivity, up to harrowing and passionate exploits, Hana also amazes for her melodic violin.

Masterful as she is in bending strings, harp and voice to her will, there is also a combination of technique and sincere sensitivity at play here: they interchange and seal each other, bringing the listener to live listening experiences that here sound like the most contemplative alcoves, and there like the most fiery liberating acts.

The considerable range that Hana Piranha flaunts with her album ‘Wednesday’s Child’ finds an exquisite synthesis in the ending track ‘Soliloquy’, a tale of tragedy – the realization that to love and be loved in return is the only salvation anyone needs.

An excursus full of Hana’s personal touch, ‘Soliloquy’ exudes passion and transport from every harrowing note, from every suspenseful pause. Blooming in a lovingly uplifting central body, the intertwining of sung melody and counternekidy becomes an incredible emotional bridge, juxtaposed to the sense of solitude carried forward since the beginning.

Listen now to ‘Soliloquy’, extracted from Hana Piranha’s latest album ‘Wednesday’s Child’, available on streaming on:

Hana Piranha - Wednesdays Child - harp

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