Debut single ‘Breathe’ is Half Cut K9’s message of hope to the oppressed and a word of warning to the oppressors.

Everyone at some point in their lives experiences a feeling of being controlled, some more extremely than others. Either way, a fraction of the human race has a sociopathic tendency to abuse positions of power and prey on those physically, mentally, or emotionally weaker than them.

Here comes Half Cut K9’s response to this social cancer, delivering their message of hope for the oppressed and of warning to the oppressors, with their debut single ‘Breathe’.

With a dark wave aesthetic intertwined with indie rock synth lines, this London-based band scratches and catches attention thanks to an elaborate sound, and saturated and vibrant sound scenarios.

Half Cut K9’s debut single ‘Breathe’ is available for streaming on all the major digital platforms since May 29, 2020.

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Half Cut K9 // Breathe - single artwork