Artist and producer Gual has been on his musical journey since he was 10 years old. At 12 he was already experimenting with music production, using his Korg Poly-800 synth, his guitar and an old Panasonic dual-tape recorder. Today, Gual still channels all this energy and creative passion into his music, creating a sound of his own, capable of bringing pure joy to the public.

Get Down” is his new single, an effervescent jam of nu-disco, characterized by groovy bass lines and rhythmic synths, able to make anyone who listens to it dance around, unable to sit still.

With “Get Down“, Gual offers us a sound paste well built on pulsing bass, with syncopated interferences of brass that intertwine with the rest of the arrangement.

The melodies chosen for the voice are captivating, with calls and responses between the lead and the backing vocals, which, together with the rhythm, continue to move the piece forward.

Get Down” is a song that offers a lot of energy, with a multitude of vocal hooks and instrumental colorings. A compelling listening, with which Gual shows all his talent. Something irresistible.

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