Caine Sheppard is a DJ, music producer and actor from New York City. Performed in major clubs from Miami, Vegas, to New York, Sheppard is building his own path in the music industry with the stage name GT_Ofice.

At the beginning of November 2019, Caine released his first single “Live My Life” on the major music platforms, an EDM number featuring Amber‘s lyrics and vocal. In just a month “Live My Life” has already totaled tens of thousands of streaming.

With a captivating sound and an engaging rhythm, “Live My Life” is a motivating song, which with its lyrics deals with themes such as self-confidence and motivation, which push you to live your life.

GT_Ofice is already working with other emerging artists on new upcoming tracks for the rest of 2019 and through 2020.

Listen now to “Live My Life“, the first single from GT_Ofice, available on Spotify [ here ], Apple Music [ here ] and Amazon [ here ].

Find out more about GT_Ofice on his official website [ here ] and follow him on Instagram [ here ].

GT_Ofice // "Live My Life" ft. Amber - single cover
GT_Ofice // “Live My Life” ft. Amber – single cover