From Ambience to Trap, up to Hip-hop, “Purple Demon$!” is the new single released by the rapper and producer Grimzworld.

Anticipation for his next adamantine album set to come out shortly, the newest by Grimzworld is available to stream on Soundcloud, now accompanied by a hard-hitting visual. Check it out on the Grimzworld YouTube channel!

The new stylistic drift that’s here to grab all the attention is that of Grimzworld, which with the otherwordly wedge of Purple Demon$! open the gates of his imaginary world and brings to the table a track that is partly asynchronous, at times displaced.

Offering a visionary mix of elements borrowed from a plethora of different genres and subgenres, the work conceived by Grimzworld focuses mainly on the element of distortion, now of space, then of time, rendering a displaced, sometimes narcotic, yet penetrating aura. It is no coincidence that some have already lit it as a ghostly tune, or even “monstrous” number!

A truly unique piece with a dark vibe that will grab the attention of many listeners, Purple Demon $! and the next album marks an important moment for Grimzworld, which will start to release his music on all platforms, and which will see him focused on growing his YouTube channel.

Listen now to Purple Demon$! You can find the newest single by Grimzworld on Soundcloud and the accompanying visual on YouTube.


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