Positive and airy, “Blue Sky Kiss” is musician Gregory Suarez‘ latest single, a piece playing a rock that inspires carefree optimism.

The third track of the album “Around the World” published recently by Gregory Suarez, “Blue Sky Kiss” is a catchy and cohesive song, which does not need overcomplicated flights of fancy to get noticed.

Characterized by a contemporary acoustic style, “Blue Sky Kiss” is a sincere love song, which shines and is even more appreciable for its honest delivery, thanks also to its very relatable lyrics and to its catchy melody.

Gregory Suarez // "Around the World" - album artwork
Gregory Suarez // “Around the World” – album artwork

There is a transparency  that defines the whole piece, down to the arrangement and the production. The sense of familiarity it transmits us since the the first moment, is combined with a conscious coherence, thanks to which voice and instruments sound in a brilliant way in their distinctive characters, and a choral one when one focuses on the overall vision of the song.

All these elements make us understand that “Blue Sky Kiss” is not just a beautiful song to listen to all in one breath, but it is also a valuable production to be appreciated in its minute details.

And to top this all off, the rhythm and the succession of riffs and guitar solo make the development of the musical discourse dynamic, so that it never bores you, not even when listening to the song over and over again.

Fresh, modern, exquisitely graceful. This is “Blue Sky Kiss

Around the World” is available on Cdbaby [ here ]. To discover more about Gregory Suarez check his socials profiles, on Instagram [ here ] and Twitter [ here ].