Singer-songwriter Gregory Suarez recently released “Around the World“, an album we have already discussed in a previous article here.

Contemporary and captivating, Gregory Suarez‘s release also stands out for the title track, a genuine exaltation of the passion and creativity that differentiate this poetic artist from his peers.

With the single “Around the WorldSuarez gives us a song that gently escapes the usual clichés of genre and style.

Sinuous and sunny, this song carries an organic dualism that instills veins of romanticism inside pleasantly conciliatory atmospheres. Similarly, there’s a dualism at work when the vocalists exchange phrasing with the instrumental parts guided by the sax, and this creates interesting and magnetically attractive nuances.

With an impeccable production sealed by Suarez’s graceful touch, “Around the World” gives us an intimate listening experience that feels engaging, colorful, warm and musically satisfying.

Fascinating and able to shine with its own light, the way “Around the World” sounds represents a real breath of oxygen in a panorama full of disposable music.

Gregory Suarez // "Around the World" - album artwork
Gregory Suarez // “Around the World” – album artwork

Around the World” is available on Cdbaby here ] and YouTube [ here ]. To discover more about Gregory Suarez check his socials profiles, on Instagram here ] and Twitter here ].