Synthpop singer-songwriter and composer, Gregory Dillon released debut euphoric and pop EP “Sad Magic”

Narrated from dawn to dusk, Sad Magic shows Dillon, yearning to re-explore the complex landscape that both shaped and saddened his adolescent years …

as a lonely teen struggling to discover himself, with secret romances set in suburbia.

But fortunately, this EP is not about a dark and gloomy corner in which to hide one’s “diversity.” Far from it, it’s a waving and poppy beacon of hope.

This is a complex realization of a stereotyped American Dream, best reflected in the “Sad Magic” of a solitude honed in 80’s stained anthems and a euphoric synth-pop sound, diffused like a fragrant and refreshing aerosol flowered by an enlightening mist.

Gregory understands sad pop euphoria, and switch on the light. He was primed for it in his suburban boyhood by secretly following aerobic workout tapes in his basement and skidding asphalt alone on his green Razor scooter.

Vocally trained in a musical theater program in college, he didn’t really find his sound until recently. And it was only two years ago that he released his first single, “Alone with You” (2018) discovering, in the process of experimenting in the studio, how softly powerful his voice could be.

Gregory’s fast-rising continues today. He garnered over 60K Spotify streams in 3 weeks and was named “Best New Songs of the Week” by Billboard, MTV News, and 1883 Magazine. 

Listen now to "Sad Magic," the title track from Gregory Dillon's EP, which is available to stream on all major digital platforms. Find your favorite one via

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