In 2012 Green Light Silhouette started as a few songs written by Neal Mckenzie in Santa Rosa, California, after the end of his previous band, Wonkaface.

Subsequently, Joel Heun on drums, Nick Yanez on lead guitar and Daniel Galyean on bass joined him, and they started working together, completed a handful of songs and began performing in some shows.

Shortly thereafter, bassist Daniel Galyean was replaced by Ryan Macauley, who also added the supporting voice.

After writing many other songs together, in 2017 they released their first album “The Mind Suggests Less Knowing“.

After the release of their debut album, Joel and Nick left the band. Green Light Silhouette seemed destined to fade away and turn into just a memory, unless the remaining members could manage to find a new drummer and lead guitarist able to adapt to the style of the band and their passion for music.

Fortunately, they found drummer Josh Tellez and guitarist Estevan Hernandez and the band started writing new pieces, while raising the level of technicality, aiming to improve the overall sound.

This is how, after 11 months of recording and mixing, the new Green Light Silhouette line-up came out on January 1st with their new album titled “These Waves“, anticipated by two singles, “Pretty Signs” and “Nu Chaoren”, both taken from the album.

Green Light Silhouette
Green Light Silhouette

With “These WavesGreen Light Silhouette offer us the most mature and evolved version of their sound, an exquisite mix of rock nuances, made of interesting alternations that oscillate between alternative and a more shoegaze style. As the Green Light Silhouette themselves explain to us, this rich and mature mixture draws inspiration from bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Nothing, Pixies, The Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, Failure, Thursday, Superdrag, Ozma, Smoking Popes and many others.

In “These Waves” we find the vivid sum of all the threads, styles and genres that form the background of the members of Green Light Silhouette. Threads that, by adding up, create sound scenarios saturated by a significant emotional transport. It’s through its employment tempered by a constructive vision and autobiographical cut, that this formidable band is able to reconstruct for us the experience of the year they spent working on this album.

Green Light Silhouette // These Waves - album artwork
Green Light Silhouette // These Waves - album artwork

Listen now to “These Waves“, the latest album from Green Light Silhouette, which is available on all the major digital platform via Linktree [ here ], and keep in touch with them checking the following links: