Through enigmatic vocals along with pulsating and colorful lines, with ‘Instincts’ Gonetcha delivers a full-length album drenched in their alternative experiential drift of rock and funk.

Giving a broad exhibition of their distinctly original musical style, Gonetcha’s album overflows abundantly with bundles that intertwine, between bass lines, guitar riffs and characteristic vocals, which feed on each other, unexpectedly exchanging roles within the whole of the musical argument.

Starting from the opening track ‘Au Revoir les Enfants’, ‘Instincts’ is a collection of 12 tracks with which the French brand from Lyon shows off a histrionic and irreverent musical aesthetic. While on the one hand the creative drive that leads to more distant horizons is very strong, there are really many calls that bring in more classic and familiar elements of rock and funk.

There is no shortage of terrific catchy hooks either. You can bet on it, you will sing for days and days the chorus of ‘Au Revoir les Enfants’: “C’est trop tard, j’suis parti. Il est l’heure d’arrêter. J’en ai marre, j’l’avais dit. Le bonheur envolé.”

The vibrant and euphonic sum of such a luxuriant quantity of culminations gives life to a pyrotechnic circus-like sound stage, imbued and massively full of the distinctive touch that stubbornly sets Gonetcha apart from the mass, especially in the alternative scene.

That of Gonetcha is an eclectic, flickering and sparkling touch that runs and flows throughout the whole album, enlightening everything with a composite creative charisma, aroused by organically complex pungent cusps, yet deeply rooted in recognizable and relatable foundations.

The release of ‘Au Revoir les Enfants’ is also accompanied by an official video, available on Gonetcha’s Youtube channel: a film signed by the collective TheVoid, which is an evocative visual that impeccably underlines the sonic visionary nature of the track.

Listen now to ‘Au Revoir les Enfants’ and to ‘Instincts’, the single and the album from Gonetcha, both available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find you preferred one at

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