Golden Halos pay tribute to a Prince classic, releasing their cover of ‘When You Were Mine’.

Also known for the remarkable version by Cyndi Lauper on the 1983 landmark album ‘She’s So Unusual’, ‘When You Were Mine’ first appeared on the Purple One’s 1980 album ‘Dirty Mind’.

But let’s get back to 2020, as today the multi-instrumentalist duo Golden Halos, made of Garrick Antikajian and Chris Roy, have released their version, bringing to us a mix that owes so much to the heroes of classic and alternative rock, such as David Bowie, Brian Eno, or LCD Soundsystem. But with their touch, whilestill reminding us of Prince’s typical romance, they call in sprawling and cinematic elements, which make the arrangement develop in a crescendo of intensity.

Interspersed by a trippy psychedelic solo section in the bridge, the song is born from a low and mellow meditation cocoon, to gradually open up more and more, until it flows into a vibrant and emotional climax.

The result is a reinterpretation of a great classic made exquisitely contemporary, thanks to a distinctive touch of new wave, of today and tomorrow. An unmissable opportunity to rediscover a great song in a new guise.

Listen now to ‘When You Were Mine’, the cover song by Golden Halos, available for streaming on Spotify.

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Golden Halos // When You Were Mine - single cover
Golden Halos // When You Were Mine - single cover