Directly from Louisville, Kentucky (USA), the artist Godhand Black brings us his Thought You Had My Back featuring Lil’ Mindy, an excerpt from his latest mixtape appearanceĀ  on Def Street Mixtape.

From the very first moment, Thought You Had My Back draws all the attention. The song starts immediately with an enthralling intro, thanks to an engaging beat, driven by a punchy kick. Godhand’s vocal performance emerges immediately, direct and without filters, perfectly set in a rich, balanced, and well-structured mix.

It would seem like we have already said everything about this notable production. And instead we’re only 20 seconds in! The groove making our heads move is damn rousing, and it doesn’t give way when Godhand passes the microphone to Lil’ Mindy.

This is where the singer satisfies us with a melodic rap phrasing, smooth but perfectly in tune with the feel of the song, which is further emphasized by the backing vocals.

Although different in timbre and phrasing, the vocal performances of Godhand and Lil’ Mindy create a beautiful dualism, further underlined by the meaning of the lyrics. But it is a fascinating nuance, one which is not clear cut but organic, changing color and tone as the two artists alternate throughout the song.

The catchy lyrics and melody are the last elements that, together with a well thought-out engineering process, give Thought You Had My Back the radio-edit stamp, along with the dancefloor-ready label.

Modern and captivating, Thought You Had My Back is a song that manages to approach the classic mixture of hip-hop and rap in a fresh way, one that’s concrete and contemporary.

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A couple of things about

Godhand Black

Godhand Black has been releasing music since 1993, with 24 releases, including singles, EPs, albums and compilations of various types, some of which hit the top spots in various world charts. Stay up to date on his upcoming releases and follow him on Facebook [+], Instagram [+], Twitter [+] and Soundcloud [+].

Lil’ Mindy

Lil ‘Mindy has been currently spotted around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA), where she is working on putting together a mixtape. Keep an eye on this talented artist and visit her profile on Soundcloud [+] to find out more about her music.