GLVN starts his brand-new EDM project, debuting with the energizing ‘Never Ending Encore’, the first single from a collection of songs that he will release one per month until August 2021.

Originally from Newfoundland, GLVN moved to Ontario in 2013. His studies and career outside of music led him to fill  the role of operations manager on several major agricultural operations, bringing him to work in Ontario, Alberta and more recently Jamaica.

Since returning from the tropical country in May 2019, he has permanently left his agriculture profession to fully pursue a career in music. So GLVN began working on a series of professionally recorded songs, building a team of music industry specialists, and preparing for the release of new material.

This is a goal that GLVN has been working on for years, building a large catalog of unreleased music over time, writing songs for 13 years, and actively saving in order to be financially ready to support this thrilling new venture.

Now, feeling he has the right material to give him a chance on developing his career as an artist, he launched his project with the gripping track ‘Never Ending Encore’, the first of a series of singles, one of which he will release every month between August 2020 and August 2021, aiming to constantly release new material and build and grow his own fan base.

GLVN // Never Ending Encore - single cover
GLVN // Never Ending Encore - single cover

Fresh and rich, GLVN’s style reflects his background as a singer/songwriter, combined with a pop and electronic dance music production experience. As GLVN himself tells us, while taking inspiration from well-known EDM artists such as Avicii, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Diplo, and Skrillex, in creating his music he does not fail to be inspired also by famous bands such as The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, and Foo Fighters, just to name a few.

The result is an electronic style where care and attention are found in the packaging of well-constructed compositions that, just like in the case of ‘Never Ending Encore’, keep the listener constantly involved, magnetizing their attention from the very first moment and from the first listening.

Energizing and enthralling, in ‘Never Ending Encore’ we find all the creative focus of GLVN, centered on elements of electronic dance music that acquire additional light thanks to a touch of contemporary pop that makes everything exquisitely relatable and catchy.

Tremendously danceable and refreshing, “the song was written while struggling working on a different song,” says GLVN sharing the backdrop of ‘Never Ending Encore’, then he continues: “we were running into roadblocks and decided to try a different approach to not waste the session. Myself and my cowriter Michael Steinslien, started moving towards the idea of ​​a concert / festival feeling with your friends and trying to capture that idea into a song.”

Full of sparkling, the mix of ‘Never Ending Encore’ is saturated with dynamic elements, with a dense sound spectrum, perfect backing and support for a melody and a chorus line that promise to drag the listener into a virtuous circle of unstoppable play-dance-singalong-repeat.

Listen now to ‘Never Ending Encore’, the debut single from GLVN, out on August 7th on all the major digital platform. You can find your preferred one via

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