Glow Beets is an emerging UK-based EDM producer, commercial alter-ego of the well-known songwriter and producer Jonny Amos, who has penned songs for a wide range of artists from all over the world, many of which have also come under the spotlight of the mainstream, including X Factor UK winner Shayne Ward, Euro pop star, # 1 in Portugal, Miss D, Danish teen sensation Honik, US soul starlet Jackie Paladino, and UK electro pop artist Hatty Keane, just to name a few .

After a successful 2019 that saw the launch of the Glow Beets brand in the form of a sample label, releasing seven hugely popular sample packs for music creators in partnership with Sounds by Native Instruments, LANDR, and Beatport Sounds, now Glow Beets continues to feed his success story and is going to create a new single every month throughout 2020.

Dedicated to releasing a series of remixes focusing on young emerging artists, the latest in this compelling string of singles is the refreshing track ‘Us Against The World’, a song originally released on June 21, 2019 by British singer-songwriter Will Naisbitt.

Glow Beets // Us Against The World - single remix cover
Glow Beets // Us Against The World - single remix cover

The new version signed by the British producer gives new life to a piece with an airy feeling. A hybrid EDM and pop piece with a bright and youthful mood, the remix shines presenting a strong commercial sound thanks to which Glow Beets has distinguished himself and got noticed with his latest releases.

GlowBeets - photoshoot

So Glow Beets proves to be an ever-growing EDM producer, offering a remix illuminated by its combination of characteristic and characterizing sounds, which don’t just take ‘Us Against The World’ to an even higher level, but also make it sound tremendously compelling and engaging.

While bouncy drum sequences, plucky sub basses, and rampant acoustic guitar rhythms give legs to the track, hooky vocal chops, emotional pads, and glassy delayed electric guitars combine in a richly saturated and layered soundscape, giving the perfect support and contour to Naisbitt’s stunning vocals.

Organically and functionally lined up to enhance the delivery of the entire song, this wealth of elements, intelligently balanced and smartly dosed in the key points, make ‘Us Against The World’ a romantically led summer track that certainly deserves to accompany us throughout the summer season and even beyond.

Listen now to ‘Us Against The World’ Glow Beets remix, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms, or discover it in our NOVA ERA playlist.

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